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Kickin Its Straight From The Flask of Billabong



Kickin Its Straight From The Flask of Billabong (Jack)

DOB: July 23, 2018

AKC Reg # DN54852503


Sire: Billabong Shep BN RN


Dam: Twiggy HSAS


Bred By: Billabong Border Collies, South Dakota


We are extremely excited about this young dog. We greatly appreciate, Billabong Border Collies, for allowing us to add another one of their amazing Border Collies to our pack. Jack is an amazing Border Collie.  He is smart, outgoing, and a very quick learner. Jack is a bit smaller, being around 30 lbs. Jack is DNA genetic tested through Embark and is 100% clear on all disease they test for. Check out his results below. He genetically carries Tri and Blue as well as being homozygous for the long hair gene. Keep an eye out for Jack in the conformation show ring.


These are Jack`s results for the common Border Collie genetic diseases. If you are interested in seeing full results including trait results please contact us.


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