Kickin It Acres Border Collies

This page is for pictures of former puppies that we have raised. We love to watch our puppies grow into amazing dogs.

Tilley owned by Tracey Gardner

Lexi owned by Layton and Avery


Scotch Ann  owned by Ashley Canfield

pictured above and below

Rez to the left

Chaser on top

Both owned by Wade and Karen Vitek

Roadie owned by Scott and Leanne


Scotch Ann

Scotch Ann

Moses owned by Erik and Cheryl


Lucy owned by Teresa Martz

Jax owned by Caryn Caye


Rogue owned by Kathryn Humitz

Ann owned by Shelly Brown

Breezy Shark owned by

           Amy Moore

Quinn Tessa owned by

Dennis and Jamie Nelson

picture by xp ranch photography

Rascal owned by Elizabeth Sidebottom

Belle far right with three of her babies owned by Molly Prahl


Cu  (top and bottom) owned

     by Reed and Katie Fry

Lincoln owned by Marci Leftridge-Eggers

Spot owned by Lisa Stevens

Dash owned by Al Edwards

Belle owned by Janet


Charley owned by Sharry Laseman

Buck owned by

Christine Hawkins

Cooper owned by

Catherine Stang

Zebra owned by

Kimberly Broz

Juneau owned by

Jenna Shwartz

Phil pictured on top and bottom owned by Danielle Duvall

Juno owned by

Joey Hanley &

Brittany Kuehn

Brody in both above pictures owned by Donna Lewis

Hurley owned by Sarah DeVorss

Rocky owned by

Anirudh Kamath

Connemara owned by

Anjali Elisabeth

Luna owned by Matteo Bugatti and Christina Acevedo-Bugatti

Hazel and Charley pictured in the above 3 pictures. Owned by

Epic owned by Lizzy Volten

Petra owned by Kimberly Broz

Jebediah and Josephina

owned by Preston and Sandee Ward

Tabor and Rex above and below owned by Mark and Brooke Morse

Blue owned by Jeff and Shelby Eck

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