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Our puppy Contract

On this page you can view our puppy contract/guarantee. If you decide you would like to have one of our puppies join your family I will email you a copy of this contract. It must be signed and returned with a nonrefundable deposit once you choose which puppy you want.

Where as Kelsey McQueen (Kickin It Acres BCs), here after called “Seller” is the breeder of the below listed Border Collie Puppy:


AKC Litter No.  _________________________      Whelped:   _____________________


Name & AKC Number of Sire: ____________________________________________________________


Name & AKC Number of Dam: ___________________________________________________________


As where as,


 Name:  ____________________________________________________________


Address:  ___________________________________________________________


City:_____________________________ State: _________   ZIP:  _____________


Home Phone:  ____________________        E-Mail:  _______________________________


Here in after called “buyer,” is serious in purchasing the puppy described above; now therefore in consideration of the following:

Stated purpose and function of the puppy:


__X__Limited registration, purpose is a working, companion, or performance dog. This dog shall not be used for breeding purposes. If this dog is found to be used for breeding purposes a $1000 penalty for breech of contract will be owed to the breeder. This dog must be spay/neutered at appropriate age. If dog is used for breeding within this 2 year contract, health guarantee is void.


____Full registration, purpose is a conformation show or breeding dog.  All puppies sold on full registration must carry Kickin Its prefix on registration papers.


This dog is a purebred Border Collie, registered/registerable  with the American Kennel Club and an individual application shall be available at no additional charge to the Buyer.   Upon execution of this contract, the Seller does hereby convey title and interest in the described Border Collie to the Buyer (except for the terms listed herein).

This contract applies to the original puppy and original buyer only and is nontransferable to a second party.


 Seller’s Representations


  A)  As of the date of this agreement, puppy is in good health, free of communicable diseases and genetically sound. Puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and has received a health paper from the veterinarian.


  B)  The Buyer has 72 hours in which to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of Buyer’s choice and Buyer`s expense to personally inspect said Puppy.  In the event of a poor health claim a Licensed vet exam or autopsy report must be provided to seller within 72 hours of claim for  replacement of puppy of same type and value. Replacement will only be available once original puppy has been returned to Seller.  Buyer will assume responsibility for returning original puppy and picking up replacement puppy. Buyer is responsible for all fees occurred by both puppies.


 C) If the puppy proves to have a FATAL GENETIC DEFECT at anytime during the first two years by a Licensed Vet a replacement puppy of equal value and type will be giving to the buyer, out the next available litter, upon return of the original puppy at buyers expense or all vet paper work if puppy is deceased. All claims must be accompanied by a licensed vet exam and autopsy report (if puppy is deceased) specifying this claim and proving that the problem is 100% genetic with no chance of problem being caused by environment in which puppy has been raised or caused by an injury to the puppy. The buyer will assume responsibility for returning original puppy and picking up replacement puppy at buyers expense. Buyer is responsible for all fees occurred by both puppies.


 D) This puppy at time of sale is current on vaccinations and de-worming for a puppy if his/her age. Puppy has been seen by our Veterinarian and has passed health exam before leaving for his/her new home.


Buyers Representations


 Puppy, identified in section 1, is being sold for the sum of $_850 (eight hundred fifty dollars) to be paid in full on or before time of pickup.


 A)The Buyer swears that (s)he is not purchasing the animal for resale and swears that (s)he is not acting as an agent in the purchase of this animal and that it will remain solely in his/her custody. Buyer further swears that (s)he is not associated with a pet show or animal broker, and that this animal will not be used or trained for activities which are illegal or for which it is not suited by reason of temperament or conformation.


 B) The Buyer agrees to care for this dog as would a humane and conscientious dog owner, and agrees to provide adequate living conditions, adequate veterinary care, animal will be kept free of fleas and parasites, adequate exercise, and feed the dog a good quality pet food. We feed and recommend Diamond.


 C) Deposits are accepted once puppies are born. The Breeder will hold any puppy until 8 weeks of age, after receiving a nonrefundable deposit of $_250_  and a copy of this contract, signed. We will be glad to continue caring for the puppy until 10 weeks of age at no additional charge providing we have already received your full payment. If no payment is received by the 8 weeks then the deposit will be considered forfeit and the puppy will be made available to another home. After 10 weeks of age a charge of $_10.00_ per day will be applied until the time of pickup. The Buyer will be responsible for this charge. After 12 weeks of age, if the Buyer has not picked up the puppy by this time, the puppy will be considered abandoned and deposit, as well as any other money put towards the purchase price, will be forfeited. The puppy will be made available to another home at this time. Buyer will be responsible for any outstanding balance prior to be released by Seller.


 D) If at anytime during the puppies life the buyer is unable to care for or no longer believes they can give the puppy the best quality of life puppy is to be returned to breeder at buyers cost, or the Buyer must approve new home through breeder before placing puppy in new home. If Seller finds out that puppy has been placed in another home without being approved or giving up to pound, kennel, humane society, rescue, ect.. it will be considered breech of contract with $1000 penalty


When it comes to pick up times/dates we are easy to work with so if something comes up let us know and we can work around pickup dates to make it convenient for everyone.


If a puppy being held becomes sick or dies while in the breeder`s care, the breeder will return Buyer`s deposit or move deposit to another puppy or litter, buyer can choose which way they would like to go at that time. If you are unable to pick up your puppy or simply change your mind about owning a Border Collie the deposit and any money paid towards the balance is considered non-refundable.


The buyer agrees to inform seller of any titles or awards obtained by the dog for our records.


The buyer agrees that he or she understands this contract fully.


This contract constitutes the full agreement of both parties.


Wherefore, the above named Seller and Buyer have executed the foregoing contract of sale on this _________ day of _________________,








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